The Locator Company

The Locator Company provides trackers that are as versatile as you want them to be and they will help to make it as useful as possible, they can provide trackers that monitor the things you value such as pets, family members, a bike or in some cases your motor vehicle.

The Brief

The Locator Company is a leading gps and tracking provider in the North West. Its departments covering all manner of gps tracking products, from Personal GPS, Product Tracking, to live Pet tracking products.

The Locator Company approached us with the objective of developing a new corporate, SEO friendly website which would define a clear voice for two key target demographics, B2B, and B2C. With our web design and development expertise, the company was expecting a cutting edge finish.

A central request to the project was for the site should be easy to manage and update. As a result, we needed to implement a CMS with an e-commerce integration which allowed us enough flexibility for parts of it to be bespoke, but also be relatively simple for the site admin. When we completed the initial audit of the site, it was important to note that there was a large amount of content to include in the migration.

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